Natural Relief From Real Pain

Satisfied Clients Say...

"Ruthi has great talents when it comes to working with people in chronic pain. I ran a pain treatment center for 25 years and I wish that I had met Ruthi earlier in my career. She is able to make headway with the most difficult of clients."    

Michael S. Melnick, DMD, MAGD (Pittsburgh)



"As I had already bombed  2 job interviews I was extremely nervous about facing the next one. All I could think about was how I had been so nervous, even the interviewers were able to pick it up! I kept remembering how I was shaking and could hardly answer the questions because of the lump in my throat! After I scheduled a job interview a few weeks ago, I couldn’t get a grip.  Just thinking about it made me sick. 

Ruthi prepared me to be more present and able to respond during the interview.  She was extremely helpful in helping me feel calm about my previous interviews and gave me the confidence to tackle the next one. Ruthi also provided me with tools and strategies to use on my own! Throughout the sessions I could sense her limitless patience and her ability to really understand and reflect what I was feeling. Thank you! 

-Beth (Monsey)


“Thank you for your help in healing my month long back pain. In just one short session, I went from having strong pain to a "1"   It’s six months later and my back still feels fine.”  

Lea M. Los Angeles


Ruthi got my pains to go away, over the phone.  Amazing!!!  L.B. (Suffern)


"I worked with Ruthi on a long-standing issue of maintaining my authority and staying "safe" within my own family system.  Though we are adults now, the family patterns continue to get in the way of our relationships with each other.

Ruthi helped me to begin to feel "safe" with my mom and older sisters, even when I need to say "no" instead of "yes."  I am now one step further toward healing this old dysfunction.

Ruthi works with the whole body.  We are not just talking and tapping, but we tune in to the the problem and how it "feels" inside the body. I found this way of working particularly helpful.

By the end of the session, though we hadn't worked on my own aches and pains, I felt so much better and ready to face the day.

Working with Ruthi is like clearing the cobwebs out of the room, then cleaning it up and allowing the sun to shine in."  Kat (Minneapolis)


“You have a wonderful knack for doing this work. Those considering giving EFT a try should not hesitate to work with Ruthi.  She guided me through the paces effortlessly while quickly and deftly identifying hidden aspects related to issue that I didn't know I had“  

Joseph Randazzo (Queens)


“I am amazed at Ruthi’s competence, patience, expertise and reliability.  She has given me a license to freedom.  She very patiently guided me in releasing my old pains and guilt, and gave me an invaluable tool to deal with life’s ongoing challenges.

EFT is now my way of life, and I am excited to be able to pass it on to anyone who is willing to listen. Thank you Ruthi for this priceless treasure!”  

Has Diagnosis of Crohn’s (Monsey)


“Personally, I find the tapping .. does come in handy very often (no pun intended... all right, pun intended!!!)!    So, thank you so much for this gift called EFT!”  (Highland Park)


"Ruthi, You were amazing and writing me at the right time! I feel great and truly hope it will last, but after such a comprehensive session, I'd be able to tap the way you did with me. All the best to you! You are a wonderful and gifted EFT practitioner. Everybody who you'll tap with can consider themselves very lucky!!"

Warm Regards, Evan


Hi, Ruthi-

"Back in April, you guided me through a tapping session to help relieve me of some claustrophobic related anxiety prior to a medical procedure. At the time of the surgery, I was given some Valium so I wasn’t sure whether the tapping was truly of much value.

Two weeks ago (July), I traveled with my family to Florida on Spirit Airlines which has the tightest seating in the industry. On the return trip, I was assigned a window seat on a packed flight. In the past, such a scenario would have sent me into a panic but this time, I was feeling calmer than I can ever remember feeling on a plane. And this, after just one session!

Thanks again for your help in helping me overcome this phobia. You have really made a difference in my life!"

Best Regards,  Dan Breiner (Monsey)


Dear Ruthi,

"It was truly a pleasure for both Marika and myself to meet with and spend time with you at the most recent Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) training/certification sessions.  You are truly a kind, giving, and compassionate person.  As novices to the EFT experience we learned quite a bit, found it all very rewarding, and will continue to pursue our study and practice of the field. 

    Without doubt, you are a large reason for this.  It is one thing to participate and practice with other attendees who were also new to the work, and quite another for me to have had the opportunity to be personally tapped by you, a long standing and very experienced practitioner!   

    Despite my  open mind to unexplainable happenings regarding healing,  my training and studies in the natural sciences and work in  laboratories with medical researchers , keeps me a bit skeptical.  It is to me the best of both worlds.  And while to date we may not exactly know why or how EFT works, I do know this:  my single fifty (50) minute EFT session with you has gone a long way in helping to clear up an emotional issue that I am working to rid myself of. 

    "You have a wonderful knack for doing this work.  Those considering giving EFT a try should not hesitate to work with Ruthi.  She made me feel safe and guided me through the paces effortlessly while quickly and deftly identifying hidden aspects related to my issue that I otherwise had not been aware of.  I left my session relaxed, happy, and even more confident about resolving my problem.  As an added benefit, I was able to more thoroughly and correctly learn the EFT routine. 

Ruthi my many thanks to you again.  God bless."  

Sincerely,   Joseph Randazzi (Queens)


"My daughter had raised pimples on her stomach that were spreading to the rest of her body.  The doctor told us there was nothing to do but wait- it could take up to two years to go away.  They were itchy and annoying.  After several EFT sessions over one weekend, the pimples suddenly got much worse (healing crisis) then every last one completely disapppeared."

Yehudis B. (Lakewood)


"Ruthi is an exceptional, insightful, patient, gifted EFT practitioner.  Her ability to assess the problem and my emotional state and work through all the pieces, had led to a powerful sense of calm and clarity.  I feel confident that I can deal with my issue now in a clear and grounded way.  I also know where I can go now to get help when I am feeling anxious and stuck."  Robin


"….the movie technique to watch the child and see how I felt now.  What a surprising shift into long-denied sadness!  I wouldn't have thought of doing that!  I'm going to use that more for people who are depressed:  let them feel compassion for themselves…"   Julie (Westchester)


"Hi Ruth,  I'm still feeling confident.  Even the PT teacher who passed me in the hall said I looked good and was moving good too. One kid said how come you're going so fast today? (as I walked them from the gym).  Even if it is temporary, I know that I can get it back with tapping. That's a good feeling. I thank you so much.  It helped to have someone do it with me and come up with the phrases. And winter is almost more snow to fall down in! 
Thank you very much. I'll write after a month has passed..,

Gratefully, Mary,

"Dear Ruth,   It's been almost a month since our tapping session.  I'm pleased to report that I'm still balanced and taking longer strides.  No snow and ice helps but I'm definitely improved.  I've tapped by myself several times but your session started me off on the right track. 

Thank you." Mary (New York)


"….By the way - I've been meaning to let you know that I ended up having a great time skiing after we tapped. I relaxed to the fact that I only had 5 hours of sleep- but it seemed like enough and the skiing was great.

I look forward to catching up with you soon!"

Dianne (Rockland County)


Dear Ruthi,  Thank you once again for the wonderful strategy session which gave me logical, workable solutions to my stress.  You are a gifted listener who uses probing questions in a gentle thoughtful way.  You helped me focus on the source of my stress and identify effective measures to release the stress.  You are askiffful kind, and effective.  Barbara G.


Wow! Knocked My Sox Off!@

Thanks to you i may get off the antidepressants!!!!!

That was amazing---

Really! I felt so different in my bottom of my belly, lighter, freer.

We really cleared something.

I'm paying attention to matrix. and reading the article you sent --

not yet, after the work is done. I'm feeling good!

I even called my mother! And wished her well! Wow!


….. to answer your question---

Could you please give me honest feedback about 3 things I have been doing that seems good, and 3 or more things your think I should improve.

Three good things is that you:

     1.     You never assume anything, you allow me to dictate the feelings and facts

     2.     You don’t depend on facts to do the work that needs to be done.  In other words: you don’t pry for information; you allow me to share just the amount I feel comfortable with.

     3.     You are sensitive and not judgmental when talking to me.

     4.     ---YOU ARE SOOO PATIENT even when it seems like forever to get somewhere, you don’t give up.

Three other things to improve, I have to think about it, hmmmmm maybe:

1. Maybe you can just give more feed back, like you just did.

2. Not putting "pressure" to get to zero--which you have stopped doing since I asked you about that.

3. I can’t think of anything!!!

Sorry, your very good at this!!!

Thanks a lot!!!    Monsey

  Ruthi Backenroth

(845) 368-4524