Natural Relief From Real Pain

Here's my EFT story...

Back Relief: At wits end suffering with a painful back for decades, I had already tried 'Sarno', physical therapy, vitamins, herbs and lots more for my own aching back. After using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), my back started to feel better after one month and is perfectly comfortable now.

Public Speaking: Years before learning EFT, I returned to school, earned an MBA and graduated with the honor of Delta Mu Delta. As the highest ranked student, invited to speak at the graduation ceremonies, I had to decline because of stage-freight. In the past few years I have since spoken from the stage to EFT Practitioners and to smaller groups, as well as on the radio, about the use of metaphors as well as EFT tapping for pain relief; fear of public speaking is not an issue anymore.

Competant Presence at Work: My skills as a grants writer catapulted in areas of productivity, creativity and time management.  Colleagues commented on the calm and competent presence I brought to the office, and  noticed my increasing success in getting grants awarded to our clients. (Not doing grants work anymore... Client work for pain relief is much more fun!)

Friends and Family: My interrelationship skills, knowledge and ability as a spouse, daughter, mom, and especially as a grandmother of many, are raised to a wonderful level.  My grandkids, and my children's spouses, call to tap about a variety of physical or emotional "stuff".  I am truly grateful to have the skills and knowledge that allow me to help so many.

Clients have tried traditional methods and are open to something new and different. They want effective relief from pain and stress at work and at home.  Using results oriented techniques I teach a series of mental exercises that lead to quick and lasting pain relief.

EFT Experience...

As a certified Advanced EFT Practitioner (AAMET Level 3), I combine knowledge of EFT, NLP, (neuro-linguistic programing), Matrix Reimprinting and eye-movement techniques, with a gentle and sensitive approach for physical (and emotional) pain relief.

Tapping is for the old, the young, and everyone in between:

  Ruthi Backenroth

(845) 368-4524

3 year old - 'Cutipie' ran out of the pool because she was splashed on her face.  She was crying and would not come back into the pool.  I came over and tapped, "they splashed you, water got on your face, now you are scared to go in, you are a great kid, I love your bathing suit, is it new?" tap...tap...tap...  Two minutes later Cutipie was splashing in the water as carefree as she could be.

90 + years old, my all time favorite story - My mother had been trying to get her friends to tap with me. Not an easy sell:) A woman came over and started talking about how she wakes up in the middle of the night and how upsetting it is.  We tapped for a minute or two and I suggested that she tap under her arm if she wakes up at night.  The next day, I asked about her night.  "The tapping didn't work.  I woke up in the night."  'And what happened when you woke  up?';  "I tapped and started laughing about how my husband (who passed away 2 years before) would respond if he saw me doing this.  It didn't work."   'How do you usually feel when you wake up in the night?'; "I am usually so angry and upset that I don't know what to do with myself."; 'So maybe the tapping helped a little?'

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