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Scroll down to see certifications...  Ruthi Backenroth, under EFT-ACTION LLC, offers EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in her capacity as a provider of coaching services. As a coach, she supports the personal and professional growth and development of her clients.  She focuses on the individualized needs of each client to effect change in the client’s current and future behavior. 

Her coaching training includes training, practice sessions, testing and mentoring in person and by phone, as well as over a thousand hours of study through DVDs, books and on-line material in EFT and other coaching modalities, which resulted in the following certifications (see below):

          Advanced EFT Practitioner Certification, AAMET EFT Level 3, (Mentored by Gwyneth Moss (EFT Master) and CJ Puotinen;

          EFT Practitioner Certification, Intermediate 1, Gary Craig’s certification program;

  •  Matrix Reimprinting (Alina Frank)

  •  Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE), (Richard Flook).          

Ruthi Backenroth is not a medical doctor, nor does she have any medical training. EFT is neither medical intervention nor traditional therapy. The techniques and processes offered by Ruthi Backenroth do not replace regular medical treatment, but rather offer additional, complementary methods for relief. Do not stop taking medications, or other medical interventions, except under the supervision of your health-care professional.

The mechanism of action, or how EFT works, is not well understood.  As regards risks, I know of no generally accepted negative consequences.  As an EFT Practitioner, I make no diagnosis, nor do I prescribe.  In choosing to hire an EFT practitioner, you are responsible for your own care and well being.

Any guarantee or warrantee cannot and does not cover outcomes, but does cover (to the extent of fees paid) client’s satisfaction with the quality of work, to be performed in a professional and ethical manner consistent with the goals stated in initial agreement. 

The information offered on this site is for informational purposes only, and does not imply a coach-client, or any other professional relationship with readers of this site.  Ruthi Backenroth accepts no liability or responsibility for the use or misuse of any information contained in her website, blog, or published works, in cyberspace or offline.

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